In which our God is exceedingly able.

Firstly: Its been too long since the blog was updated. Sorry about that.

Secondly: I wanted to share something that the Lord has been showing me lately.

God is so much bigger than we know. He is bigger than we will ever know until we see Him in glory. When we finally see Him seated on His throne, we will know just how big He is. Until then, its necessary for us to be convinced of His greatness from time to time.

Lately, God has been helping me to overcome my own self in a few areas. He has been faithful to give me strength when I lean on Him. When I don't lean on Him, He lets me have my way...and I founder and flop all over the floor until I'm too exhausted to keep fighting him...then he props me right back up and gives me strength.

This is amazing. God's faithfulness in His promise to strengthen us in times of weakness is amazing.

Even more amazing is that God is not doing this only in my life. God has not put eternity on hold so that He can deal with JUST stupid little me. No, God is doing this in the lives of individual people all over the world, all at the same time. He's teaching MILLIONS of lessons to MILLIONS of people. The great multitasker!

Its easy for us to become self absorbed in our walk with God; to become egotistical...As though God is taking care of ME right now, and everyone else can wait their turn. But God is so great. He's working in people in Santa Rosa. He's working in Murrieta. In London. In Cantabria. In San Jose. In Gilroy. In Chico. In Cleveland. In China. And even...if you can believe CANADA!

In scripture we can see the same thing happen. Long before God anointed David as king over Israel, He was working things into place, in order that David would even be around. He saved Rahab in the destruction of Jericho...then He brought Ruth into the fold of Israel, then later, a descendant of them both, David was anointed King. All the while, God is directing the Judges over Israel, giving words to the prophets...

Not a huge, deep, high-theological point..just a simple one...We can trust God. As it says three times in the book of Joshua, "Not a promise that the Lord has made has failed."

So, be encouraged that God is able. Be encouraged that He is active and at work, not only in your life, but probably the lives of your friends. And also, be careful not to be so consumed by what you're learning or how you're suffering that you miss out on opportunities to minister to and serve those around you.